Frederick (Rick) Thabet

Mr. Thabet brings more than twenty years of entrepreneurial experience to the Fund. His background is in implementing strategic plans to drive enterprise value. Mr. Thabet is a co-founder in numerous early stage companies, raising tens of millions of dollars in angel financing.

Previously at Oratech, Mr. Thabet chaired the Sales Advisory Council and helped write the IDET procedure into policy. As a senior sales representative at Aesculap, he won the Pinnacle Award and Aesculap Sale Representative of the Year Award. Mr. Thabet was responsible for sales at Baxter International and financial research at Roulston and Company. He began his career as a pricing analyst at IBM, and won a national championship in rowing while at Ohio State University. 


Gerard (Jerry) Verbeck

Mr. Verbeck is a seasoned CFO and banking veteran with more than thirty years of experience in pioneering new financial vehicles and structures.  Early in his career he pioneered the FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA pass-through and electronic delivery system.

Mr. Verbeck structured four REMIC security offerings as CFO of Christian Mutual Life, and was one of the first to use the newly legislated REMIC pass-through structure.

Later, Mr. Verbeck advised Mr. Smith’s firm in structuring the nation’s first mixed CRE mortgage pool, overseeing loan origination and underwriting, as well as the modeling needed to achieve investment grade ratings.  Mr. Verbeck managed the team that structured the financing for South Africa’s Redevelopment Program.



Scott Smith

Mr. Smith is a founder of companies in numerous markets, including agriculture, finance, education, publishing, and technology.  He is a pioneer in structured finance, originating the first CRE mortgage conduit pool in the nation and securing a billion dollar line of credit from DLJ. He founded the firm that helped structure the financing for Nelson Mandela’s Redevelopment Program, which provided housing for thousands of families.

Mr. Smith is a co-founder of several technology companies and two charter schools in Colorado; Summit Middle School and Peak to Peak K-12 School, which is ranked in the top fifty schools in the nation by Time Magazine and US News & World Report. Mr. Smith also founded Kidz Magazine, a publication that was circulated in more than thirty countries, with a readership in the millions.